The Swedish Orienteering Federation
The District Orienteering Federation of Norrbotten
Piteå municipality

Together with a consortium consisting of the following orienteering and ski clubs:
Piteå IF
Piteå Skidallians
Älvsby IF OK
Arvidsjaurs OK
I19 IF
Bodens BK OS
OK Renen
Gammelstads IF
Bergnäsets AIK

General Secretary: Anders Bennitz
Event Director: Roland Jansson
Support functions: Fredrik Lundström

Map and tracks: Sture Norén
Media: Petter Norén
Course planners:
Long: Sture Norén
Sprint: Nils Henriksson
Middle: Claes Turesson
Relay: Lena Turesson



IOF Senior Event Adviser: Lacho Iliev (BUL)
IOF IT Assistant Event Adviser: Håkan Blomgren (SWE)
National Controller: Håkan Holmberg (SWE)