EYSOC has two classes: W17 and M17, for competitors born year 2002 or later.

All competitors represent a National Federation.

A competitor may represent only one National Federation during any one 12 month period running from November to October. Competitors shall have full passport-holding citizenship of the country of the National Federation they are representing.

Only competitors representing member Federations of the IOF, defined by the International Olympic Committee as belonging to the European continent, can compete in EYSOC.

Competitors representing other member Federations of the IOF can participate in EYSOC but will not be eligible for European titles, medals or diplomas.

Each Federation may enter a team of up to 14 competitors for JWSOC and 14 competitors for EYSOC, 7 + 7 women and 7 + 7 men, and an unlimited number of team officials. For each individual competition, a National Federation may enter a maximum of 6 + 6 women and 6 + 6 men.

In the Relay, each National Federation may enter up to 2 + 2 women’s team and 2 + 2 men’s team, each consisting of 3 team members. If a Federation is unable to make up full relay teams, it may form incomplete teams or teams with competitors from other federations. Winning time and course length according to the rules.



Phase 2 of the entry procedure requires the following information to be provided through IOF Eventor at the latest by 9th March 2019 (-10 days):

5. Name and gender (man, woman) of the participants.
6. Names of the team officials.

Late entries* and changes to registered entries will be possible up until 15.00 on
19th March 2019. Entries should be sent directly to the event organizers who will
then register the details in IOF Eventor. The following information is required:

1. Number of participants (men, women).
2. Number of relay teams.
3. Number of team officials.
4. Team manager’s name, address, e-mail address and mobile telephone number.


Fees for late entry and changes to registered entries:

Entry Withdrawal of entry**
19/1–9/3 20% -80%
10/3–19/3 50% -50%
Name change 10 €

*)  The last day for the regular application has passed.
**) Administration fee to be retained in the case of withdrawal of entry.


Competition fees:

Individual 40 €
Relay 120 €
Competitor accreditation fee*** 60 €
Team official accreditation fee**** 80 €


***) The accreditation fee for competitors covers the right to participate in the races, the model event and the banquet.

****) The accreditation fee for team officials covers the model event, team leader meetings, competition maps, start- and result lists and the banquet.



Following the deadline for registering the number of participants and team officials (-2 months), the event organiser will issue invoices for accreditations, entry registration and waxing huts.

Invoices should be paid in full at the latest by 5th February 2019 (-6 weeks). For changes made after this date, the payment/refund of fees is to be made at the event secretariat upon arrival at the competitions.

A penalty fee will be liable for late payments.